Masters' Inter County Championship (League) National Finals


This season two of Avon’s Masters' teams won their South West Leagues, with both the over 65s and over 70s teams unbeaten and qualifying to play at the National finals, this year played in Wolverhampton.


Avon 65s team of Derek Simmons, Mike Cox, Colin Lawry, Cathy Alexander, Penny Shears and Dot Barrett were paired against a strong Lancashire team for Saturday’s semi-final, Avon’s men’s pairings put up a good fight but lost all 3 rubbers, the ladies fared slightly better with Cathy and Penny losing their first game 23-21 but not able to maintain that standard and losing the second game 21-11, then Cathy with Dot had 2 close games but the deciding third was a brilliant 21-5. Sadly this was the only win, although 3 rubbers went to deciders including Penny and Dot only losing 21-19 in the 3rd and Penny with Derek losing 21-11 in 3rd. Mike and Cathy finished the day with another near miss but went down in two 23-21, 24-22. The final score was 8-1 to Lancashire and Avon will go to the 3rd/ 4th match on Sunday.


Sunday’s match against Leicester was another closely fought contest. This time Derek and Mike took their men’s rubber 22-20, 21-18. The ladies did even better taking all 3 rubbers so going into the mixed 4-2 up. Derek and Penny went to 3 but lost 21-19 in 3rd, Colin and Dot lost 21-14 and 23-21, and then all depended on last mixed match with Mike and Cathy winning comfortably 21-12, 21-14 to clinch 3rd place for the team 5-4.

Over 65s team

Avon over 70s were represented by Bob Hammersley, Zia Haque and Dave Offer, with Bob having stepped in for an injured Colin Hunt at the last minute, and Joanna Elson, Val O’Neill and Linda Pasley. They were faced with Kent in their semi-final who had not lost a men’s game all season and losing only 2 rubbers in the South East region. Avon lost all 3 men’s, won all 3 ladies and then lost the 3 mixed with the match score 6-3 to Kent they knew they would also be in the 3rd/ 4th game on Sunday and would face Lancashire.

The Sunday match was another close contest and started well with Bob and Zia winning their first rubber 21-19 in 3rd, unfortunately, the only men’s games won. The ladies went to 3 in all 3 rubbers with Joanna and Val and Joanna and Linda winning but Val and Linda losing 21-14 in 3rd. At 3-3 after men’s and ladies a win might still be possible but all 3 mixed were won by Lancashire and the final result was again a 6-3 loss and 4th place.

 Over 70s team