Masters Inter County Challenge 2014
With four age groups playing at different venues across the country, this was an extremely successful ICC weekend for Avon Masters players.
3 teams were promoted from 1st divisions to their respective Premier divisions for next year.

Masters ICC 2014
The Victorious 60’s squad

The 60+ Avon team, playing against 6 other teams in Div 1B at Bournemouth, at one time looked like their competition may end up with a 3 team split between Avon, Devon, with whom they had a 2-2 draw, and Kent, who had drawn with Devon. With everything depending on the last match against Kent a great team performance meant the 3-1 victory put Avon clearly at the top of the table having dropped only 3 rubbers across the weekend to win the division 6-0 on games,  21 -3 on rubbers, and they gain a deserved promotion back to the Premier Division. The squad was Peter Bennett, Mike Chapman, Mike Cox, Bob Hammersley, Derek Simmons, Cathy Alexander, Bronny Bennett, Cath Chevin, Val O’Neill and Penny Shears with everyone playing their part.
Avon 55+ team, also playing in Bournemouth in their Div 1B, was a similar success story. Playing in a group of 6 counties they drew 1 and won 4 of their 5 matches to finish clear winners 5-0 with 15-5 rubbers.
The squad was Nigel Birkett, Julian Clapp, Glyn Davis, John Gray, Jackie Addison, Dorothy Barrett, Shirley Green,  Ann Lawry and Tessa Moxham.
Several of the squad remained unbeaten and again they can look forward to playing in the Premier Division next year.

The Avon 50+ team, having come down from Premier last year, has also gained immediate promotion back. Playing in Div 1B at Andover they played an unchanged team all weekend.
Ladies pair:         Jude White and Andrea Nicholas             Mens pair:          Dave Gribble and Ian Nicholls
1st Mxd pair:       Chris Hufflett and Di Durston                     2nd Mxd pair     Gene Joyner and Debbie Burrell
With promotion depending on a win in the last game of the last tournament against an unbeaten Hampshire, it was truly a nail-biting finish but with the Avon pair winning a tough 3 setter, 22-20, 19-21, 21-17 the team’s promotion back to Premier was assured finishing the weekend at the top of the Division.
Avon’s 45+ team, missing several of their regular players, were less successful at Milton Keynes.
With one win and one draw from their 5 matches, they will however remain in Division 1 next year.